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Those Eyes!

It’s been said the eye is the lamp to the soul. I don’t know who said it first, but I think it’s true.

Years ago I sat at the bedside of a dear friend who passed away before me. The last few minutes were hard to watch — her body struggling to take-in air. In those remaining minutes, while Lori’s heart strained to beat, she had left. Her soul was gone, and it was evident in her eyes. That twinkle we all talk about had faded. It was gone. The life that we see — like in Grace’s eyes (in this picture) — was completely absent. No twinkle. No Catchlight. The lamp of Lori’s soul had been extinguished.

The lamp of THIS soul burns bright. The sun, the catch-light, reveal Grace’s radiant spirit. Peer closely and gaze upon the hues of blue and green within her retina. Look deeper still and see the love and the life within being.

Your eyes also tell a story about the lamp within you. I hope yours too burns bright and catches the radiance of the sun and light.